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Tathaagat Shukla – Youtuber

Tathaagat Shukla – Youtuber

Logo design for Tathaagat Shukla Youtuber with T icon mark with play button to relate it with the youtube and king crown for being laughter king.


Inspired by his Parents, Tathaagat has been working as a theatre artist since he was 4 years old. Tathaagat decided he wanted to use his talent for putting Smiles on people’s faces , thus he started creating & uploading videos & vines which are so funny, you would literally Roll On Floor Laughing. Started around 14 months ago, Tathaagat is currently one of the Top entertainers in India with more than 167k followers on Instagram & 350+ videos produced, acted & uploaded on social media. He brings us doses of laughter daily. Tathaagat comes from a family who have always loved acting & considered it as their passion. via startuptalez

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